CNN – The midterm elections could determine the fate of your health care

APHA’s Dr. Benjamin explains why your vote matters for public health, and what questions you should ask candidates before voting in the midterm elections to make sure they support public health.

The Washington Post – ‘Venezuela’s crisis has become our own’

The economic and social crisis in Venezuela is increasingly spilling over its borders, with disease becoming the newest symbol of the disaster.

NPR – Premature birth rates rise again, but a few states are turning things around

The rate of premature birth across the United States rose for the third year in a row, according to the annual premature birth report card from March of Dimes.

The New York Times – In Congo’s Ebola outbreak, experimental treatments are proving effective

More than half of the patients who received treatment survived, scientists reported.

BBC – ‘Don’t be taken in by anti-vaccine myths on social media’

People who believe the myths spread by anti-vaccine campaigners “are absolutely wrong”, England’s top doctor has said.