Web MD – Small towns offer clues to life expectancy drop

“As human beings, we’ve been tracking our life expectancy forever, and it’s always pretty much been good news,” says Georges Benjamin, MD.

The New York Times – It’s not just pre-existing conditions. Voters weigh many health issues on state ballots

On Election Day, they will decide a number of other important health care questions for their states through ballot initiatives.

NPR – Big tobacco spends big to block a tax and Medicaid expansion in Montana

The tobacco tax initiative has become the most expensive ballot measure race in Montana history — drawing more than $17 million in opposition funding from tobacco companies alone — in a state with fewer than 200,000 smokers.

STAT – With machine learning, researchers get new clues in the hunt for the source of mysterious viruses

On Thursday, researchers unveiled a new system, based on machine learning models, that identifies patterns in the genomes of viruses to offer a hypothesis about their hosts and vectors.

CNN – 1 in 5 childhood scald burns caused by instant soup and ramen, research shows

The soups cause about one in five childhood scald burns, according to research to be presented Monday at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference.