STAT – Democrats took the House. Here’s what it means for health and medicine

Democrats rode a wave of health care messaging into a majority of the House of Representatives, projections showed Tuesday, propelled by vows to protect Americans with pre-existing health conditions and dramatically lower prescription drug costs.

Vox – Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah vote to expand Medicaid

Three states voted Tuesday to expand their Medicaid programs, which will extend coverage to an estimated 325,000 low-income Americans.

USA Today -Sharp uptick in pregnant women using marijuana during a key time in baby’s development

The number of pregnant women who say they used marijuana over the last two decades has nearly doubled, according to federal data.

NPR – How hospitals can tackle the maternal mortality crisis

Having a baby in the United States can be dangerous. American women are more likely than women in any other developed country to die during childbirth or from pregnancy-related complications.

CNN – The US defeated Kabul superbugs in its military, but locals still struggle

As the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq evolved, military doctors grappling to treat soldiers maimed by roadside bombs began facing another challenge: Their patients were developing almost incurable, multidrug-resistant infections in their wounds.