STAT – WHO director-general: Violence in DRC is allowing Ebola to spread

The public health workers behind the Ebola response in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are struggling to combat an outbreak of the deadly virus in what is effectively a war zone.

The Washington Post – North Korea running low on TB meds, experts fear epidemic

The withdrawal of a major international aid organization threatens to leave tens of thousands of tuberculosis patients in North Korea without the medication they need and could spiral into a severe crisis if it is not addressed soon, according to health experts familiar with the situation in the North.

NBC News – In taking on vape companies and menthol, FDA faces determined foes

With this week’s announcement, the agency threw the gauntlet down to three large industries: traditional Big Tobacco, a growing e-cigarette industry, and retailers. All can be expected to push back.

Vox – Study suggests Trump is scaring immigrant families off food stamps

After two years of Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant rhetoric, fewer immigrant families are using federal food stamps — even though no formal changes have been made to the program or its eligibility rules.

The New York Times – Rapid cure approved for sleeping sickness, a horrific illness

The first treatment for sleeping sickness that relies on pills alone was approved on Friday by Europe’s drug regulatory agency, paving the way for use in Africa, the last bastion of the horrific disease.