Associated Press – CDC says life expectancy down as more Americans die younger due to suicide and drug overdose

Suicides and drug overdoses pushed up U.S. deaths last year, and drove a continuing decline in how long Americans are expected to live.

NPR -Another drug crisis: methamphetamine use by pregnant women

A study published Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health confirms the rise in meth use among pregnant women and provides new data illustrating the scope of the problem.

HuffPost – How mowing overgrown lots reduced shootings in Philadelphia neighborhoods

Fixing up overgrown, vacant and blighted lots in Philadelphia did more than beautify neglected areas of the city. Those improvements reduced firearm shootings ending in serious injury or death, according to new research.

Kaiser Health News – Under Trump, number of uninsured kids rose for first time this decade

After years of steady decline, the number of U.S. children without health insurance rose by 276,000 in 2017, according to a Georgetown University report released Thursday.

The Hill – CDC warns of new tick species capable of spreading diseases to humans

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning about a new tick species in the U.S. that it says is capable of spreading diseases dangerous to humans and other animals.

Associated Press – Latest Ebola outbreak is now the worst, after West African epidemic

The World Health Organization says Congo’s deadly Ebola outbreak is now the second largest in history, behind the devastating West Africa outbreak that killed thousands a few years ago.