NPR – What you need to know about the Affordable Care Act after Texas ruling

The Affordable Care Act faces a new legal challenge after a federal judge in Texas ruled the law unconstitutional on Friday. The decision risks throwing the nation’s health care system into turmoil should it be upheld on appeal. But little will be different in the meantime.

Gizmodo – Teen vaping skyrockets while youth binge drinking, smoking, and opioid abuse continue to fall

An annual survey that tracks drug use by American teenagers found that smoking, binge drinking, and abuse of prescription drugs is way down. But teen vaping is up—and not just a little bit. Vaping is way up.

Atlanta Journal Constitution – Gun deaths at highest level in 40 years, CDC says

New numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s WONDER database shows gun-related deaths have reached the highest level in almost 40 years.

WLKY – Kentucky’s hepatitis A outbreak surpasses 3,000 cases

Kentucky health officials said more than 3,000 cases of hepatitis A have been reported as the outbreak reaches its second year.

Washington Post – Poliolike illness AFM tests an overstretched public health system

The disease has flared while state and federal governments largely have stopped making new investments in public health. Some infectious disease experts think the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has taken too long to understand the cause of the disease, but no high profile critic has directly blamed the slow action on low public health funding.