NBC News — Surgeon General calls for ‘all hands on deck’ to fight teen vaping

Teen vaping has become a significant public health threat, the surgeon general said Tuesday, and an all-hands-on-deck response is needed to fight it.

Associated Press — West Virginia shows challenges of getting people healthier

If you want to understand why U.S. life expectancy is declining, West Virginia is a good place to start.

Healio — States promise appeal after ACA ruled unconstitutional

Leaders from several states vowed appeals to stave off the consequences to health care after a district judge from Texas ruled against the Affordable Care Act. The judge’s decision also led some medical societies to question the judge’s reasoning that led to the decision. The American Public Health Association, for one, questioned the legality of O’Connor’s decision.

CNN — How barbershops could help lower blood pressure

A new study suggests pharmacist-led programs in barbershops can significantly lower high blood pressure in black men in the United States.