CNN – FDA employees think shutdown could be deadly

With about 41% of the US Food and Drug Administration off the job due to the government shutdown, some agency employees worry about the safety and health of the American public.

Axios – As cancer mortality declines, gap between rich and poor emerges

American deaths from cancer dropped 27% overall from 1991 to 2016, and racial disparities are slowly narrowing, according to a major new report from the American Cancer Society.

STAT – New Ebola-like virus is discovered in China

In a new study, scientists from Singapore and China have announced they found a new branch of the family, in bats in China.

AP – Growing opioid crisis adds to Puerto Rico’s problems

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and local nonprofit groups also say they believe that actual deaths and overdoses are far higher than those official numbers indicate because the island’s government is not keeping proper count.

NBC News – Health care industry spends $30 billion a year on marketing

Critics say patients are often misled by ads that advocate high-priced drugs, unapproved stem cell treatments or genetic tests.