CNN – Measles sickens 21 in Washington state

A person infected with measles attended a Portland Trail Blazers home game in Oregon last week amid an outbreak that has left at least 21 people ill this month in neighboring Washington state.

STAT – A spot of good news in an Ebola crisis: Vaccine supplies are expected to last

The World Health Organization now predicts there are adequate supplies of an experimental Ebola vaccine to control the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Wired – We can still avoid a repeat of last year’s deadly flu season

As flu season nears its annual peak, between eight and nine and a half million people in the US have already been sickened by various strains of the respiratory virus, according to new estimates released Friday by federal health officials.

CBC – New guidelines may reduce risk of legal marijuana in youth

Experts say a new set of guidelines published recently in the American Journal of Public Health might help lower the risk.

San Francisco Chronicle – Chico’s mass overdose highlights severe new phase of opioid epidemic

It offers a window into a still-new phase of that epidemic, as the ultra-potent drug fentanyl snakes into the supply of not just heroin and other opiates, but recreational drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy.