CNN – One serving of fried chicken a day linked to 13% higher risk of death, study finds

A regular serving of fried chicken or fish is associated with a higher risk of death from any cause except cancer, according to a new study done in postmenopausal women in the United States.

STAT – Flu science points to another culprit when vaccines fail — us

Increasingly influenza researchers are offering another explanation: The problem, at least partly, could be you.

NPR – Coal miners with advanced Black Lung Disease share a portrait of life and death

Over the past year, NPR and the PBS program Frontline have interviewed dozens of miners across Appalachia with black lung.

Aljazeera – DR Congo confirms record number of Ebola cases in one day

The hemorrhagic fever is believed to have killed 439 people and infected another 274 in the eastern provinces of North Kivu and Ituri.

The New York Times – Even modest blood pressure elevation in young adults may take a toll on the brain

Elevated blood pressure in people under 40 is associated with reduced brain volume, a new study has found.