The Washington Post – The Big Number: 100 steps a minute as an exercise goal

National guidelines for physical activity recommend at least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity aerobic exercise. But if you are a walker, for instance, how do you know whether your walking speed is fast enough.

USA Today – A quarter of all kindergartners in Washington aren’t immunized. Now there’s a measles crisis

Measles outbreaks in New York and Washington state have public health officials scrambling to contain a disease that was eliminated in the United States nearly two decades ago.

ABC News – Nearly 100 children dead as world’s 2nd-largest Ebola outbreak surpasses 800 cases

The second-largest, second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in history has claimed the lives of nearly 100 children.

Bloomberg – Venezuelan doctors are an unexpected boon for Latin America’s poor

An exodus of more than 22,000 physicians in the past five years is reshaping medicine in the region.

The New York Times – Dr. Doris Wethers, 91, on front lines against sickle cell, dies

Dr. Doris L. Wethers, who broke racial barriers in the medical world before gaining renown for research and advocacy that helped lead to mandatory testing of all newborns for sickle cell anemia, died on Jan. 28 in Yonkers. She was 91.