USA Today – Raw milk infected with Brucella potentially exposed to people in 19 states, CDC says

Federal and state health officials are investigating an outbreak of raw milk tainted with Brucella, a drug-resistant bacteria which can cause serious complications such as heart problems, arthritis and miscarriage.

The Hill – More teens defy parents, get vaccinated amid measles outbreak

A number of adult teenagers are deciding to share their choice to get vaccinated after their parents initially chose not to get them vaccinations as children.

NPR To prevent pregnancy-related depression, at-risk women advised to get counseling

Doctors can and should do more to prevent depression among pregnant women and new mothers by referring them to counseling.

The Guardian Ebola vaccine offered in exchange for sex, Congo taskforce meeting told

An unparalleled Ebola vaccination programme in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has become engulfed in allegations of impropriety, amid claims that women are being asked for sexual favours in exchange for treatment.

CNN With climate change, what will your city’s weather feel like in 60 years?

Within your child or grandchild’s lifetime, the weather may be dramatically different because of climate change.