STAT — Flu shots this winter providing moderate levels of protection, CDC data show

This year’s flu shot is protecting about half of the people in the United States who have been vaccinated from getting sick enough from influenza to need medical care, according to new data, suggesting it’s providing moderate levels of protection.

The Washington Post — Black-white cancer disparities narrow sharply amid progress against common malignancies

Longtime cancer disparities between African Americans and whites — with blacks having a sharply higher mortality rate — have narrowed significantly during the past several years and disappeared nearly entirely for a few age groups, including men under 50 and women who are 70 and older, according to a new study by the American Cancer Society.

Kaiser Health News  — Two crises in one: As drug use rises, so does syphilis

Public health officials grappling with record-high syphilis rates around the nation have pinpointed what appears to be a major risk factor: drug use.

Vox — Chronic kidney disease is on the rise. These researchers think climate change is to blame.

Our kidneys might be vulnerable to the extreme heat brought on by global warming.