The Hill — States with stricter gun control regulations have fewer mass shootings: study

States with stricter gun laws and lower rates of gun ownership in general saw a lower rate of mass shootings between 1998 and 2015 than did other jurisdictions where gun laws were more relaxed, according to a new study.

The Washington Post — Facebook says it will take action against anti-vaccine content. Here’s how it plans to do it.

In an effort to curb anti-vaccination conspiracy theories and misinformation, Facebook announced Thursday it will no longer recommend the offending pages and groups, and will block advertisements that include false content about vaccines. The company will also stop recommending anti-vaccination content on Instagram.

Axios — The unique problem with U.S. health care

Democrats’ Medicare for All debate has turned into a referendum on the existence of private health insurance. But simply having private health insurance isn’t the weird thing about the U.S. system — the weird thing is how we go about it.

Courier Journal — Where a woman delivers her baby in Kentucky can determine how safe she is

Where a woman delivers her baby in Kentucky can determine whether she is seriously injured in childbirth — and even whether she lives or dies. A USA TODAY Network investigation found that nearly one in 10 women who gave birth at Harlan ARH Hospital in recent years suffered severe childbirth complications that in some cases could have killed them.

Kaiser Health News — Always connected with thousands of ‘friends’ — Yet feeling all alone

Loneliness, with its well-documented ill effects on health, has been called an epidemic and a public health threat, especially among the elderly. But now experts are finding that the always connected social media mavens in the country’s younger generations report being lonely.

The New York Times — I am not untouchable. I just have my period.

Forbidden from participating in daily life, Nepalese girls are speaking out against menstrual shaming.

Get Ready Blog — Attention: It’s almost time to set your clocks and check your stocks! 

This Sunday, March 10, we lose an hour of time. But what we shouldn’t lose is our sense of feeling prepared.