The New York Times – Reports of breast implant illness prompt federal review

Reports from thousands of women that breast implants are causing problems like debilitating joint pain and fatigue, claims long dismissed by the medical profession, are receiving new attention from the Food and Drug Administration and researchers.

CNN – Daily or high-potency cannabis increases risk of psychotic disorder, study finds

Legalization of marijuana, both for medical and recreational use, continues to spread across the globe even as the possible health risks (or benefits) are not fully known.

Chicago Tribune – ‘He was cold as ice’: Hundreds of children die each year with no explanation.

It was during a rushed but otherwise typical Tuesday morning when Jeff Frank of North Aurora went to wake his 16-month-old son, Emmett, and noticed him in an unusual sleeping position: a yoga child’s pose.

NPR – Aspiring doctors seek advanced training in addiction medicine

The U.S. surgeon general’s office estimates that more than 20 million people have a substance-use disorder. Meanwhile, the nation’s drug overdose crisis shows no sign of slowing.

STAT – What was it like when mumps was rampant? Ask Greg

Poor Greg. It was 1957 and Greg Cox, 7 years old, was at home in Altamont, Ill., a compress wrapped from chin to hairline.