STAT – New York county, declaring emergency over measles, seeks to ban unvaccinated from public places

Caught in the grips of a persistent and long-running measles outbreak, a New York county on Tuesday took the extraordinary step of announcing it would ban children who have not been vaccinated against the disease from enclosed public places as part of a 30-day state of emergency.

The Washington Post – An HIV treatment cost taxpayers millions. The government patented it. But a pharma giant is making billions.

Gilead argues that the government’s patents for Truvada for PrEP, as the prevention treatment is called, are invalid. And the government has failed to reach a deal for royalties or other concessions from the company — benefits that could be used to distribute the drug more widely.

The New York Times – What happens if Obamacare is struck down?

The Affordable Care Act touches the lives of most Americans. Some 21 million could lose health insurance if the Trump administration were to succeed in having the law ruled unconstitutional.

HealthDay – Bans on texting while behind the wheel making roads safer

When a state bans texting while driving, will the number of car crash victims showing up in its emergency rooms drop? New research suggests the answer is yes.

Quartz – How a Nigerian genome team contained a Lassa fever outbreak with international partners

Lassa fever first flared across Nigeria in February 2018, 1081 cases reported in just six weeks,  according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control; 57 people, including four healthcare workers, died. As Lassa cases continued to spike throughout the year, it sparked fears of a new form of the virus or path of transmission.