CNN – FDA proposed changes to mammography standards for first time in more than 20 years

The US Food and Drug Administration announced proposed changes to mammography standards Wednesday.

The New York Times – Air pollutions tied to mental health issues in teenagers

Urban air pollution is associated with an increased risk for psychotic experiences in teenagers, researchers report.

Rolling Stone – Marijuana edibles driving ER visits in Colorado, study reports

One of the primary arguments from opponents of marijuana legalization is that legal cannabis will endanger the youth of America and cause an exponential rise in injuries and fatalities.

NPR – Scientists look for antibiotic-resistant germs in raw sewage

Humanity is rapidly approaching a post-antibiotic era.

USA Today – Three Philadelphia dental clinics may have exposed patients to HIV, officials say.

Three dental clinics were shut down in Philadelphia because of conditions that may have exposed patients to disease such as HIV, said the city’s health department.