CNN – Why New York hasn’t contained the largest and longest measles outbreak in decades

Refusing to cooperate was happening so often, Lyon said, that the city said “enough was enough” and took the unusual step Wednesday of banning unvaccinated people under age 18 from going to public places.

NPR – Where disease-carrying mosquitoes will go in the future

As temperatures rise in certain parts of the world, warmth-seeking mosquitoes will invade, making themselves at home in previously inhospitable patches of the globe.

Los Angeles Times – Trump pledged to end the HIV epidemic. San Francisco could get there first

This city is on course to be the first in the country to eliminate new HIV infections — or at least come close. President Trump pledged in his State of the Union speech that the U.S. will “eliminate the HIV epidemic … within 10 years.” San Francisco is poised to get there first.

NPR – EPA science panel considering guidelines that upend basic air pollution science

Several members of a powerful science panel for the Environmental Protection Agency expressed doubt at a hearing Thursday about the long-established scientific consensus that air pollution can cause premature death.

The Telegraph – One in four people in Ebola-affected areas believe disease is fake

A quarter of people surveyed in cities at the epicentre of Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola outbreak have said that they do not believe the disease is real.