CNN – US measles cases at second highest since disease was eliminated in 2000

A total of 387 individual cases of measles have been confirmed in 15 states from January 1 to March 28, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Associated Press – US officials worry paralyzing illness may grow more common

Three days later, Joey was in a hospital intensive care unit, unable to move his arms or legs or sit up. Spinal taps and other tests failed to find a cause. Doctors worried he was about to lose the ability to breathe.

Vox – Vaping may be more dangerous than we realized

E-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless.

Reuters – Congo Ebola outbreak spreading faster than ever: WHO

Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola outbreak is spreading at its fastest rate yet, eight months after it was first detected, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.

HuffPost – Study suggests a bottle of wine equals the cancer risk of 10 cigarettes

A study recently published in the journal BMC Public Health shows that drinking one bottle of wine per week is equivalent to smoking five cigarettes for men and 10 cigarettes for women in the same period ― at least as far as cancer risk is concerned.