The New York Times – Eat your veggies: study finds poor diets linked to one in five deaths

Mom is right when she says to eat your peas.

The Verge – E-cigarette users are reporting seizures to the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration just issued a special announcement about a new health risk that they worry may be linked to e-cigarettes: seizures.

CNN – Toxic air pollution to shorten children’s lives by 20 months, report says

Air pollution will shorten the life expectancy of children by 20 months on average, with kids in South Asian countries such as India and Pakistan most vulnerable, a new report says.

Kaiser Health News – Popular weed killer’s alleged link to cancer spreads concern

Clumps of dandelions have popped up in your yard, so you reach for a bottle of Roundup, the popular weed killer.

NPR – You missed a spot! Patchy sunscreen application leaves skin vulnerable to cancer

You may not be thin-skinned, but your eyelids certainly are. The fragile tissue is the thinnest on the body, less than 1 millimeter thick.