NBC News – UC Davis Medical Center warns 200 people of potential measles exposure

Doctors urge parents of any child suspected to have measles to call the hospital to help prevent any further exposure to the disease.

Business Insider – There is even more evidence that there is no safe amount of alcohol consumption

The theory that a small amount of alcohol might be good for you may finally have been debunked.

Rolling Stone – How the opioid epidemic became a uniquely American problem

The story of the opioid crisis, Adelfatah says, is essentially a story of pain, and how Americans have historically treated it.

The New York Times Magazine – The Army thought he was faking his health issues. Turns out he had chronic lead poisoning.

But in 2005, Hopkins began experiencing wild swings in blood pressure. And he had other symptoms: crippling nausea, constant dizziness, a skyrocketing heart rate.

Chicago Tribune – Keto, low-carb fans hope for stamp of approval from U.S. health officials

With keto-friendly recipes sweeping social media, some followers of low-carb eating are hoping for a nod of approval in the upcoming U.S. dietary guidelines that advise Americans on what to eat.