TIME – Vitamins and supplements can’t replace a balanced diet, study says

Nutrients consumed via supplements do not improve health and longevity as effectively as those consumed through foods, according to the study.

CNN – Children who live near major roads are more likely to have developmental delays, study says

Young children who live near a major roadway are twice as likely to score lower on tests of communications skills than those who live farther away, new research indicates.

NPR – How HHS secretary reconciles proposed Medicaid cuts, stopping the spread of HIV

Trump’s push to end HIV in the U.S. has inspired a mix of enthusiasm and skepticism from public health officials and patient advocates.

The Washington Post – CDC finds 78 new measles cases as outbreak sprints toward record and experts blame anti-vaxxers

Hortez told The Post last week, of the 15 counties with the most nonmedical vaccine exemptions, half are reporting measles cases.

Associated Press – Vaccines blocked as deadly cholera raged across Yemen

The U.N. wasn’t able to distribute cholera vaccines to Yemen until May 2018 and the outbreak ultimately produced more than 1 million suspected cholera cases.