USA Today – This superbug is a ‘serious global health threat.’ Here’s what you need to know about Candida auris

A trip to the hospital might suddenly be even less desirable.

CNN – Anthrax is killing wildlife, and it’s putting humans at risk, too

A suspected anthrax outbreak is raising alarm at Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya after the sudden deaths of 10 buffalo since last month, and officials are working to make sure the outbreak doesn’t put humans at risk.

NPR – He thought his city was prepared for big storms. Then cyclone Idai hit

Daviz Simango, mayor of Beira, Mozambique, thought that his coastal city was prepared for cyclones.

Kaiser Health News – As Sanders officially revives Medicare-for-all, plan b for democrats gains traction

As Democratic presidential primary candidates try to walk a political tightrope between the party’s progressive and center-left wings, they face increasing pressure to outline the details of their health reform proposals.

The Hill – Berkeley startup says it is developing first hormone-free birth control for both men and women

California researchers say they hope to develop and release the first unisex hormone-free birth control within the next six years.