CNN – Lead screening guidelines for children, pregnant women changed by task force

Should children and pregnant women be screened for elevated lead levels if they don’t show symptoms? Doctors are working to determine if so and how often.

The New York Times – In India, a renewed fight against leprosy

Health workers thought they had vanquished the disease in 2005. But it lived on, cloaked in stigma and medical mystery.

The Verge – Rigorous new study of employee wellness programs suggests they may not be very effective

A rigorous new study of workplace wellness programs suggests that they may not be as effective as employers hope, at least in the short term.

The Washington Post – US halts sales of pelvic mesh tied to injuries in women

U.S. health regulators on Tuesday halted sales of a type of surgical mesh used to repair pelvic conditions in women, following years of patients’ reports of injuries and complications from the implants.

NPR – Amid New York measles outbreaks, 1 county orders exclusions from public spaces

As the number of confirmed measles cases in New York continues to tick up, one county is determined to stem the spread of the disease by keeping it out of public spaces.