CNN – World’s first malaria vaccine to go to 360,000 African children

Some 360,000 children a year in three African countries will receive the world’s first malaria vaccine as part of a large-scale pilot project, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday.

US News and World Report – Soft bedding a leading cause of infant suffocation

Nearly 90 percent of sleep-related infant suffocation deaths were due to soft bedding or co-sleeping.

NBC News – Transgender adults have higher risk of poor health, U.S. study finds

Transgender adults may be more likely to have unhealthy habits and medical issues that negatively impact their quality of life than people whose gender identity matches what it says on their birth certificates, a U.S. study suggests.

NPR – County jails struggle with a new role as America’s prime centers for opioid detox

Faced with a flood of addicted inmates and challenged by lawsuits, America’s county jails are struggling to adjust to an opioid health crisis that has turned many of the jails into their area’s largest drug treatment centers.

USA Today – Eating breakfast? Skipping a morning meal has higher risk of heart-related death, study says

It might be time to add a morning meal back into your daily routine.