Associated Press – The World Health Organization says if your baby is younger than one year old, they should spend no time in front of your smartphone

The World Health Organization has issued its first-ever guidance for how much screen time children under 5 should get: not very much, and none at all for those under 1.

USA Today – More than 56 tons of ground beef recalled in E. coli outbreak, now spanning 10 states

A Georgia meat producer is recalling more than 100,000 pounds of ground beef, believed to be contaminated with the same E. coli strain connected to a growing outbreak that has sickened 156 people in 10 states.

UPI – ‘Anti-vax’ parents a major factor in measles outbreaks, U.N. report says

As measles cases in the United States climb to the highest number in two decades, advocates said Thursday nearly 170 million children worldwide have not been vaccinated for most of the current decade.

The Hill – Dirtiest week for water in EPA history

After nearly a half-century of successfully collaborating with states to implement the Clean Water Act, we have just experienced the dirtiest week for water in the Environmental Protection Agency’s history – a three-pronged attack on the Clean Water Act’s ability to keep our water safe and clean.

Newsweek – CDC: Blood-sucking ‘kissing bug’ triatoma sanguisuga confirmed in Delaware for first time

Public health officials have confirmed the presence of the so-called kissing bug in Delaware for the first time in the state’s history.