NPR – Hundreds of people at 2 LA universities quarantined due to measles exposure

Hundreds of students and faculty at two universities in Los Angeles have been asked to stay home unless they can prove that they’ve been vaccinated against measles.

WIRED – The antibiotics business is broken—but there’s a fix

The world is running out of useful antibiotics because the rise of antibiotic resistance in bacteria is undermining them, and big firms are disinclined to make more.

Nature – Spread of deadly pig virus in China hastens vaccine research

The virus is not harmful to humans, but is taking a huge economic toll on the pork industry.

The New York Times – Polio vaccinator is shot and killed in Pakistan

Two gunmen on motorcycle shot and killed a polio vaccinator in the southwestern Pakistani city of Chaman on Thursday, bringing the death toll among vaccinators working in the country’s anti-polio drive to at least three this week, officials said.

The Washington Post – Trump abortion ‘gag’ rule blocked by federal judge

A federal judge issued a nationwide injunction Thursday, temporarily blocking the Trump administration from imposing new anti-abortion restrictions on the use of federal family planning funds designed to assist 4 million low-income women.