Associated Press – Juul nicotine hit may be ‘Worst for kids, best for smokers’

She tried gums, patches and various electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. What finally worked for Chantel Williams was a small, reusable e-cigarette called Juul that packs a big nicotine punch.

Quartz – The new malaria vaccine program for African children is promising but still quite limited 

Over the coming weeks and months hundreds of thousands of infants under two years old in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi will receive the first vaccine that has demonstrated it can significantly reduce malaria in children through their countries’ national immunization programs.

Truthout – A lethal industrial farm fungus is spreading among us

Eighty percent of U.S. antibiotics are used to promote livestock and poultry growth and protect the animals from the bacterial consequences of the manure-laden environments in which they are grown. That’s 34 million pounds a year of antibiotics as of 2015.

San Antonio Express-News – San Antonio ‘at the heart’ of burgeoning kidney disease crisis

David Rodriguez was 36 when he was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure related to high blood pressure. Two months later, his father learned that his kidneys were also failing.

BBC – Opioid painkillers ‘must carry prominent warnings’

All opioid medicines in the UK will carry prominent warnings on their labels saying they can cause addiction, the health secretary has announced.