The New York Times – Measles cases surpass 700 as outbreak continues unabated

The outbreak is now the worst in decades. Children under age 5 account for about half of the cases.

UN News – UN, global health agencies sound alarm on drug-resistant infections; new recommendations to reduce ‘staggering number’ of future deaths

Deaths caused by infections from antibiotic-resistant bacteria will skyrocket over the next two decades, along with huge economic costs, without immediate, ambitious and coordinated action, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) and partners warned on Monday.

CNN – When to screen for autism? New study suggests as young as 14 months

When screening for autism spectrum disorder, a new study suggests that children can be reliably diagnosed with autism at an age earlier than what is currently recommended.

CIDRAP – Ebola spreading at record pace in DRC, now 1,466 cases

Today the ministry of health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) recorded 27 new cases of Ebola, setting a new single-day record for this 9-month outbreak on the far eastern edge of the country.

NBC News – Scientists say they’re closer to possible blood test for chronic fatigue

Some doctors remain skeptical citing the study’s small sample size and that a blood test isn’t needed to make a diagnosis as reasons why.