CNN – Binge drinking expected to rise as alcohol use increases around the world, study says

Between 1990 and 2017, per capita adult alcohol consumption increased by nearly 0.7 liters (about the same in quarts) to 6.5 liters (6.9 quarts) annually, new research indicates.

The Washington Post – Hundreds of women die each year from pregnancy issues. Most of the deaths could be prevented

The CDC confirmed in a report released Tuesday that about 700 women die each year in the United States from cardiovascular conditions, infections, hemorrhages and other complications related to their pregnancies — up to a year after delivering their babies.

Science Magazine – DRC expands Ebola vaccine campaign as cases mount rapidly

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) will expand its use of the experimental Ebola vaccine that more than 110,000 have already received to try to stop an unusually stubborn outbreak of the disease.

New York Post – These animal diseases pose the biggest threat to humanity: CDC

Talk of “the plague” may conjure macabre images of skulls, rats and mass burials — but deadly diseases that spread via animal contact remain a threat even today, warns the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a new report.

STAT – Study pulls back curtain on contracts between Coca-Cola and the researchers it funds

When it funds scientific research, Coca-Cola includes a provision in its contracts with academic institutions that allows the beverage giant to pull its funding for a study at any point, according to a group of researchers who obtained several such agreements.