CNN – Eat well, exercise more: New global guidelines to reduce risk of dementia

There’s no effective treatment for dementia, which affects 50 million people worldwide, but the World Health Organization says there’s much can be done to delay or slow the onset and progression of the disease.

STAT – Could an emergency declaration over Ebola make a bad situation worse?

The Ebola outbreak raging in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where health workers are under attack, is challenging the globe’s capacity to respond. It is also calling into question whether the use of a major weapon intended to address such health crises might be futile in this case.

Medical News Today – DASH diet reduced heart failure risk ‘by almost half’ in people under 75

Sticking to a plant-rich diet that can reduce high blood pressure may also lower the risk of heart failure in people under the age of 75.

Huffington Post – As the opioid crisis peaks, meth and cocaine deaths explode
It turns out that the same lethal drug that has been driving the nation’s spiraling opioid epidemic is also causing an historic surge in overdose deaths among cocaine users.

Market Watch – This map shows the 25 U.S. counties most at risk for measles outbreaks

Conditions in Los Angeles, Miami and Queens are ripe for measles outbreaks, according to a new report mapping out the counties most at risk of seeing the once-eradicated disease going viral on their turf.