HealthDay — Heroin ODs have started declining in some states

After years of steady increases, the number of Americans showing up in emergency departments with heroin overdoses is on a downswing, at least in some states.

CNN — Sugary drink sales plummeted in Philadelphia after soda tax

Implementing a sales tax may help get Americans to stop drinking sugary drinks, if a new study about Philadelphia soda consumption is any indication.

Marketplace — Nearly half of women who have abortions live below the federal poverty level

A wave of anti-abortion bills in Missouri, Georgia and Alabama has reignited the debate about one of the country’s most contentious issues. Such restrictions aren’t just about limiting when and under what circumstances women can get abortions — these laws can also affect how much the procedure costs, research suggests. Meanwhile, those who are denied the procedure fare worse economically, some studies have shown.

Popular Science — Here’s exactly how restricting abortion harms public health

The recent abortion bills don’t align with what health experts know about abortion safety.

NPR — Will Washington state’s new ‘public option’ plan reduce health care costs?

Millions of Americans who buy individual health insurance, and don’t qualify for a federal subsidy, have been hit with sticker shock in recent years. Now Washington state has passed a law designed to give consumers another choice: a new, “public option” health insurance plan that, in theory, will be cheaper.