The Guardian – STIs spreading at rate of more than 1m a day, says WHO

The World Health Organization has called for more honest discussion of sexually transmitted infections after reporting that more than 1m STIs are contracted around the world each day.

NPR – Could antibiotics be a silver bullet for kids in Africa?

Researchers pursuing a simple, cheap way to dramatically reduce childhood deaths in sub-saharan Africa released some promising new results Thursday — but it’s still unclear whether their approach might ultimately put more children at a disadvantage in fighting off serious diseases.

BBC – Large Ebola outbreaks new normal, says WHO

The world is entering “a new phase” where big outbreaks of deadly diseases like Ebola are a “new normal”, the World Health Organization has warned.

CNN – The cost of cancer: 25% of survivors face financial hardship, report finds

Cancer can take a toll not only on the body but also a patient’s bank account — and just how much of a toll has been revealed in a new report. – The US continues to use harmful pesticides that are banned in other countries

The US is lagging behind China, Brazil, and the European Union in banning harmful pesticides, according to new research.