The New York Times – Chickenpox vaccine may protect against shingles years later

Children vaccinated against chickenpox had a 78 percent lower rate of shingles than their unvaccinated peers.

Medical Xpress – Three public health interventions could prevent 94 million premature deaths

A worldwide effort to lower people’s blood pressure, cut their sodium intake, and eliminate trans fat from their diet could dramatically reduce the incidence of premature death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) over a quarter century, according to a new study led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

The Hill – Ebola transmission rate triples in DRC as US expertise is sidelined

This first week of June, aid agencies in the DRC announced that more than 2,000 people had been infected with Ebola since the outbreak was declared in August of last year.

STAT – A new push aims to bring mental health and addiction into the 2020 campaign conversation

Now, they’re launching a new initiative to keep that conversation going — and to get leading presidential and congressional candidates on the record about their specific policy proposals and how they’d put them into action.

CNN – As New York struggles to undo the lies of anti-vaxers, moms step in to help

The ongoing measles outbreak in New York is in a league of its own. Now in its ninth month, more than 800 people in the state have become sick, and New Yorkers have infected people in four other states.