NPR — Firefighters ignored in occupational health research
Wildland firefighters and crews are exposed to fine particulate matter that can absorb deep into the lungs. They breathe carbon monoxide that can cause a significant and immediate loss in cognitive function.

NPR — Judge rules on Missouri’s last abortion clinic
A St. Louis Circuit Court judge on Monday granted Planned Parenthood a preliminary injunction that effectively keeps its license to operate a St. Louis abortion clinic open for at least 10 more days.

The Hill — Senate health committee to hear bipartisan considerations to lower healthcare costs
The health committee is pushing forward on its health care package, which presents the opportunity for a rare significant bipartisan achievement this year in Congress.

Pew Charitable Trusts — Understanding suicide prevention for veterans
Although retired and active military service members die by suicide at twice the rate of civilians, research shows that veterans who receive mental health care are much less likely to end their lives than those who don’t.

STAT — Ebola outbreak in Uganda
The Ebola epidemic that has been confined to the Democratic Republic of the Congo since it began 10 months ago has made its way to neighboring Uganda, the country confirmed yesterday

Kaiser Health News — Trump proposes restricting healthcare protections for LGBTQ populations
A new Trump administration proposal would change the civil rights rules dictating whether providers must care for patients who are transgender or have had an abortion. Supporters of the approach say it protects the freedom of conscience, but opponents say it encourages discrimination.