The Independent – Deaths from suicide, alcohol and drug overdoses at all-time high

Drug overdose nationally rose 115 per cent in 15 years, but different states were impacted in differing ways.

The New York Times – ‘If we do this right’ maybe H.I.V. will be forgotten

New York City has succeeded in lowering H.I.V. transmission rates, rolling out PrEP and rebranding the city’s STD (for sexually transmitted disease) Clinics as Sexual Health Clinics.

NPR – What medicine can learn from doctors and researchers with disabilities

Bonnielin Swenor has devoted her life to studying visual impairment in older adults. But for a long time, she didn’t often discuss the motivation fueling her work — that she herself has low vision.

USA Today – FDA issues warning after patient dies from fecal transplant containing drug-resistant bacteria

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning Thursday following the death of a patient who received a fecal transplant containing drug-resistant bacteria.

The Denver Post – Colorado’s worst-in-the-nation measles vaccination rate drops again

The number of Colorado kindergartners getting vaccinated for diseases such as measles and chickenpox dropped again this year, keeping the state at the bottom of the national rankings for childhood immunizations.