UN NewsBillions globally lack ‘water, sanitation and hygiene’, new UN report spells out

Some 2.2 billion people around the world do not have safely-managed drinking water, while 4.2 billion go without safe sanitation services and three billion lack basic handwashing facilities, according to a new report.

Kaiser Health NewsFederal grants ‘a lifesaver’ in opioid fight, but states still struggle to curb meth

In his 40 years of working with people struggling with addiction, David Crowe has seen various drugs fade in and out of popularity in Pennsylvania’s Crawford County.

NBC − Is climate change to blame for a rise in ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria cases? Doctors say yes

Doctors think that climate change may have brought flesh-eating bacteria to previously unaffected waters.

NRPTexas is latest state to attack surprise medical bills

Texas is now among more than a dozen states that have cracked down on the practice of surprise medical billing.

New York Times – Vaccine injury claims are far and few between

At a time when the failure to immunize children is driving the biggest measles outbreak in decades, a little-known database offers one way to gauge the safety of vaccines.