The Hill   ̶ Medical groups: Climate change is ‘greatest public health challenge of the 21st century’
Dozens of medical and public health groups are calling on elected officials and candidates to commit to an agenda to combat climate change.

The Guardian   ̶ Austerity and inequality fueling mental illness, says top UN envoy
Austerity, inequality and job insecurity are bad for mental health and governments should counteract them if they want to face up to the rising prevalence of mental illness, the UN’s top health envoy has said.

Washington Post   ̶ It’s trendy to scorn processed food. Now there’s research to back up that attitude.
In recent weeks, the British Medical Journal published two new populations studies (study 1; study 2) that found a lower risk of heart disease risks and greater longevity among adults who eat less processed food.

Kaiser Health News   ̶ Non-english speakers face health setback if Trump loosens language rules
A federal regulation demands that certain health care organizations provide patients who have limited English skills a written notice of free translation services.

STAT   ̶ Called too lax on opioid approvals, FDA floats new criteria
The FDA has taken heat for approving powerful painkillers that have fueled the opioid crisis and its trail of addiction, overdoses, infections among people who inject drugs.