CBS − San Francisco poised to become first U.S. city to ban e-cigs

The city of San Francisco is expected to impose a blanket ban on e-cigarettes this week — that would make it the first American city to outlaw the sale, distribution and manufacturing of vaping products.

STAT − How concern about immigration policies affects mental health
A new study surveyed a small group of U.S.-born Latinx adolescents and found that nearly half of them worried about being reported to immigration officials or being separated from families.

AP News − Trump signs order that aims to reveal real health care costs

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday that calls for upfront disclosure by hospitals of actual prices for common tests and procedures to help keep costs down.

Washington Post − Here’s why Ebola has been so hard to contain in Eastern Congo

Recently published research drawing on data collected in the two deadliest outbreaks suggests one other major factor hampering response: citizen mistrust of government.

The Guardian − US playgrounds beset as fears grow over health risks from rubber particles

Thousands of playgrounds and sports fields around the country have been covered with crumb rubber from recycled tires, and some experts and lawmakers are concerned about possible health effects on children.