CNN – Period pain linked to nearly 9 days of lost productivity for a woman in a year

The real impact of menstruation on women and society is underestimated, researchers say, as a new study suggests period pain is linked to nearly nine days of lost productivity a year in workplaces and schools.

Consumer Affairs – Health groups want alcohol labels to warn of cancer risk

A coalition of consumer and public health organizations is asking the U.S. government to change warning labels on alcoholic beverages to tell consumers of potential cancer risks.

The New York Times – The lessons of Washington state’s watered down ‘public option’

A closer look at the Washington public option signed into law last month, and how it was watered down for passage, is a reminder of why the idea ultimately failed to make it into the Affordable Care Act and gives a preview of the tricky politics of extending the government’s reach into health care.

USA Today – End cervical cancer? The HPV vaccine could do it, study suggests

More than 10 years after it became widely available to the public, a recent analysis of prior studies confirms one thing: The HPV vaccine may be a lifesaver. It could even lead to the outright eradication of cervical cancer.

Live Science – ‘Crypto’ outbreaks linked to swimming pools are on the rise, CDC says

Not to spoil your summer pool fun, but outbreaks of “crypto,” a swimming-related diarrheal illness, are on the rise, according to a new report.