Los Angeles Times ⁠— As Ebola outbreak rages, the world just watches. Some call it ‘malignant neglect’
The Ebola outbreak raging through Congo has sickened thousands of people and killed more than 1,500 — even as the number of new victims continues to climb.

The New York Times —The Zika virus is still a threat. Here’s what experts know.
“Zika has completely fallen off the radar, but the lack of media attention doesn’t mean it’s disappeared,” said Dr. Karin Nielson, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at U.C.L.A. who studies Zika’s impact in Brazil. “In some ways, the situation is a bit more dangerous because people aren’t aware of it.”

Wall Street Journal ⁠— To improve care, veterans affairs asks patients their life stories
Medical records at some hospitals now include 1,500-word narratives; ‘It makes a difference when they know you from a different perspective.’

Kaiser Health ⁠News ⁠— American medical students less likely to choose to become primary care doctors
Despite hospital systems and health officials calling out the need for more primary care doctors, graduates of U.S. medical schools are becoming less likely to choose to specialize in one of those fields.

The Hill ⁠— Million-dollar drugs pose new challenge for Congress
A wave of innovation is bringing on new breakthrough treatments for terrible diseases, but also record highs in the prices of those medicines. The challenge will only mount as more drugs are developed.