The Hill — Fight over vaccine exemptions hits state legislatures

State legislators across the country are moving to tighten limits on vaccine exemptions for children amid one of the worst outbreaks of preventable diseases in recent history.

The Independent — Women who give up alcohol have better mental health, study finds
Despite recommendations that moderate drinking can be part of a healthy diet, new findings suggest people who abstain enjoy the highest level of mental wellbeing.

STAT — The side effects of synthetic marijuana on the teenage brain
To parents, it might not come as a surprise that reports of adverse effects haven’t stopped more and more teenagers from trying synthetic pot.

NPR — With rural health care stretched thin, more patients turn to telehealth
Hill is one of a growing number of Americans turning to telehealth appointments with medical providers in the wake of widespread hospital closings in remote communities, and a shortage of local primary care doctors, specialists and other providers.

Associated Press — Congress has ambitious agenda tackling health care costs
Lawmakers are trying to set aside their irreconcilable differences over the Obama-era Affordable Care Act and work to reach bipartisan agreement on a more immediate health care issue, lowering costs for people who already have coverage.