The New York Times — Teen odds of using marijuana dip with recreational use laws
New research suggests legalizing recreational marijuana for U.S. adults in some states may have slightly reduced teens’ odds of using pot.

The Philadelphia Inquirer — Rare polio-like illness marked worst year ever in 2018, CDC says
A mysterious disease marked by muscle weakness or paralysis struck 233 people in 2018, most of them children — marking the worst year since the federal government started tracking the illness in 2014.

CNN — British boys will receive HPV vaccine to prevent ‘thousands of cancers’
Boys aged 12 and 13 will be offered the HPV vaccine in all British schools from September, in a move health officials say will prevent thousands of cancer cases. The jab would protect against a range of cancers caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) including throat, penile and anal strains of the disease.

The Los Angeles Times — San Francisco homeless count goes from bad to worse, jumping 30% from 2017
The new numbers reflect the dire situation that’s being seen in California communities even as the state spends millions of dollars to try and slow the growth of homelessness.

The Guardian — Indoor carbon dioxide levels could be a health hazard, scientists warn
There is a growing body of research suggesting levels of CO2 that can be found in bedrooms, classrooms and offices might have harmful effects on the body, including affecting cognitive performance.