APHA — Association mourns gun violence victims in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, calls for immediate action
“As the nation comes together to mourn this tragic loss of life, we must also come together in a call to action,” says Georges C. Benjamin, MD, APHA’s executive director. “Gun violence is preventable.”

CNN — Chicago hospital stops accepting patients after trauma center is overwhelmed with shooting victims
Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital temporarily stopped accepting patients Sunday morning because they were at capacity following a series of shootings, a hospital official said.

Washington Post — Racism has devastating effects on children’s health, pediatricians warn

A policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics is the first it has issued to its members on the dangers of racism. Doctors involved in the report said the current political and cultural atmosphere makes the work more urgent.

Los Angeles Times — Charity becomes a lifeline even for Americans with health insurance as deductibles soar
Now, Americans who have insurance are increasingly turning to charity as a lifeline, as a revolution in health insurance has driven up deductibles more than threefold over the last decade, forcing tens of millions of Americans to delay care and make difficult sacrifices to pay medical bills.

New York Times — One in 10 older adults binge drinks, study says
A new study looked at the prevalence of heavy drinking among adults 65 and older, who are especially vulnerable to its effects.

Associated Press — Uganda begins largest trial of experimental Ebola vaccine
Researchers in Uganda have launched the largest-ever trial of the experimental Ebola vaccine that is expected to be deployed in neighboring Congo, where a deadly outbreak has killed over 1,800 people.

The Hill — Colorado becomes third state to allow doctors to recommend marijuana instead of opioids
A new law in Colorado allows doctors to prescribe patients medical marijuana instead of traditionally prescribed opiates for any condition as the state seeks to battle the opiate addiction crisis.