APHA — APHA condemns the administration’s finalized ‘public charge’ rule
“The American Public Health Association condemns the finalized ‘public charge’ rule put out by the Trump administration, which would punish lawfully present U.S. immigrants for accessing public benefit programs they have a legal right to use”.

NPR — Opioid prescribing guidelines are slowing the flow of pills — but progress is slow
Seven months after specific guidelines for certain operations were issued in October 2017, surgeons reduced by nearly one-third the number of pills they prescribed patients, with no reported drop in patient satisfaction or increase in reported pain, according to the research.

Associated Press — Planned Parenthood sets exit from family planning program
Raising the stakes in an ideologically charged standoff over women’s health, Planned Parenthood said Wednesday it will soon leave the federal family planning program unless a court puts a hold on Trump administration rules that bar clinics from referring patients for abortions.

New York Times — Dozens of young people hospitalized for breathing and lung problems after vaping
Nearly three dozen young people have been hospitalized around the country in recent weeks for severe respiratory problems after vaping either nicotine or marijuana, stumping doctors treating them.

Washington Post — New antibiotic approved for drug-resistant tuberculosis
The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved a new drug for highly drug-resistant tuberculosis, the world’s leading infectious cause of death.

The Hill — Democrats demand Trump officials withdraw rule on transgender health
“The proposed rule would dramatically undermine Congressional intent by inviting widespread discrimination, including by allowing… healthcare providers and entities to deny patients care because of who they are, what language they speak, their sexual orientation or gender identity, or the color of their skin”.