Reuters – Ebola spreads to remote, militia-run Congo territory

Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo have confirmed a new case of Ebola in the remote, militia-controlled territory of Walikale.

The New York Times – Warning pregnant women not to drink can backfire

Health organizations try to figure out best ways to get pregnant women to not intake alcohol without the avoidance of prenatal care entirely.

Reuters – CDC probes lung illnesses linked to e-cigarette use

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a “cluster” of lung illnesses that it believes may be linked to e-cigarette use after such cases were reported in 14 states.

The Washington Post  – Why universal health care isn’t enough

Addressing health inequality requires more than just a fixation on access

Associated Press – Backers of rural dental care find something to smile about

Efforts to remedy the dental health problem in rural areas have produced varying degrees of success.