HealthDay News – ‘Red Flag’ laws may be stopping some mass shootings

A small, preliminary study suggests the “Red flag” laws that allow police to take guns away from people who’ve threatened mass shootings are designed to save lives. APHA’s Benjamin suggests that red flag laws are just one part of a comprehensive approach to preventing firearms violence.

CNBC – The US won’t provide flu vaccines to migrant families at border detention camps

The government is not vaccinating migrant families and has no plans to do so ahead of the next flu season.

Kaiser Health News – Joe Camel was forced out of ads, so why is Juul allowed on TV?

E-cigarettes can be advertised on TV and radio while cigarettes are still banned.

NBC News – After withdrawing from Title X, reproductive health clinics scramble for cash

On Monday, Planned Parenthood announced it was withdrawing from Title X rather than abiding by what they called an “unethical gag rule,” but is struggling to figure out how to keep their doors open without the funding.

Associated Press – Venezuela crisis pushes women into ‘forced motherhood’

Despite promises by the socialist government to provide every woman access to family planning, recent surveys and interviews with health professionals indicate access to contraceptives remains incomprehensive.