Reuters – Oklahoma judge to rule in $17 billion opioid lawsuit against J&J

An Oklahoma judge on Monday will decide whether Johnson & Johnson should be held liable in a $17 billion lawsuit alleging the drug maker’s marketing practices fueled the opioid epidemic by causing a flood of painkillers in the market.

Stat News – Federal rules threaten to discourage undocumented immigrants from vaccinating children

Pediatricians and public health officials are worried vaccination rates among children of immigrants will fall as new and stricter rules come into effect this autumn related to the public services available to people seeking to immigrate to the United States.

The Hill – Advocates sound alarm as uninsured rate rises under Trump

The uninsured rate is rising for the first time since Obamacare passed two recent studies show, alarming advocates who fear the problem could get worse.

Associated Press – Tourist may have brought measles to Southern California

A New Zealand teenager who visited Disneyland and other Southern California tourist spots last week brought along more than just her luggage. She brought measles.