USA Today – Hurricane Dorian to strengthen, set to slam Florida as Category 4 storm Monday

Hurricane Dorian is on track to strengthen to a powerful Category 4 hurricane with possible life-threatening storm surge and dangerous winds as it slams into Florida’s east coast at the end of Labor Day weekend.

The Washington Post –Trump administration to relax restrictions on methane, a powerful greenhouse gas

EPA announced Thursday that it plans to loosen federal rules on methane, a greenhouse gas linked to climate change.

CNN – Fast food may contribute to teen depression, study says

A new study finds that pre-teens and teens have increased depression that may be caused by a high fast-food, low plant-based diet.

Kaiser Health News – In India’s slums, ‘painkillers are part of the daily routine’

As the Indian government loosens its prescription opioid laws after decades of lobbying by palliative care advocates desperate to ease their patients’ pain, the nation’s health care system is ripe for misuse.