The New York Times – Hurricane Dorian Updates: Storm Pounds the Bahamas and Threatens Florida

Hurricane Dorian, now a Category 3 storm, remained stalled over the Bahamas early Tuesday, pummeling the islands with unrelenting rain and winds as the United States waited to see what destructive path it would take.


Associated Press – Clock is ticking on NY deadline for student vaccinations

Unvaccinated students have 14 days from the start of school to prove they received the first dose of each immunization and they must make appointments for the next round within a month.

CNBC – Smart devices are moving from fitness tracking to monitoring patients with chronic illnesses

The first generation of wearable devices, like smartwatches and activity trackers, were aimed at helping generally healthy people track their physical activity. Now, the medical industry is looking for ways to use smart gadgets to monitor patients with chronic illnesses.